Take the hit to make the play.

Any defensemen will tell you that making the play is the most important part of the breakout.
9/10 you will get hit when breaking out.
The forechecking forward will take the body. 

It’s drilled into them.
These hits hurt.
No one wants to get hit.
But, to make the play you have to take the hit.

You learn how to take these hits.
You learn how to position your body.
You learn how to throw in a head fake.
You learn how to use the glass to see the reflections.
You learn how to communicate with your partner. 

So much of corporate life is about taking more.
You must level up. Get that new title and move up the ranks. Get more money. Take, take, take. 

Such is life.

We must all be improving.
We must be winning.
In order to win, usually someone has to lose.

Such is capitalism.

But, what if more of us took the hit.
We defended an idea for a colleague. 
We didn't allow sexism to take place. 
We didn't allow colleagues to undermine one another. 
We didn't allow safe. 

We took the hit to make the play.

Someone else will level up. 
Someone else will get their deserved position. 
Someone else will win.

A teammate will score. 

In hockey an assist and a goal are awarded the same amount of points in the stats column.

Take the hit to make the play.