Dump n Chase.

Sometimes the smart option is to give up possession.
You gain the red but you’re getting squeezed out.
The only option you have is to dump it in.
You put it in the corner. 

This isn’t about giving up possession.
This is about creating options.
After the dump you go after it.
You go all in. 

Now the play is in their zone.

They have to make the play to get out of it.
Suddenly they are defending.
If they screw up, it’s in the back of their net.

Similar to business.
You have to give up the possession.
You have to put it in their corner. 
You have to chase after it. 

When you do this good things happen.
You wear them down, 
You make them panic, 
You go on the offence.

You score. 

Dump n Chase.