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Sam Cheema Coaching

My Hockey career and background is untraditional to many of my peers. Starting in the UK from the age of 3 I have over 20 years of experience in the sport of Hockey. 

Through my playing and coaching career I have a simple approach to the game and development of hockey.  By going upstream to the problem and see what is causing us to move in a certain way on the ice. Then through breaking down the movement patterns I work with athletes to address the areas of weakness. My approach allows athletes of all abilities to reach their goals on and off the ice. By incorporating a tailored phased approach I am able to provide instruction to both Junior and Senior athlete's and work on the mechanics throughout all sessions.

My playing career reached it's pinnacle as I played on the Great Britain national side in 2017 in Kazakhstan at the world winter games. In Kazakhstan the team was pooled against Canada, USA and Slovakia in their group. 

I have also played on the back to back National Junior Championship teams in 2010 - 2012 and picked up his first professional contract at the age of 16 with the Streatham Redskins. 

Since, then I have gone on to play for Invicta Dynamos, London Racers, Milton Keynes Thunder, Wightlink Raiders, Bracknell Hornets and Great Britain.

Now, living in New York, I moved into coaching more  with the New York Rangers and New Jersey Devils youth programs as well as being an assistant skill development coach to Sean Skinner. I have also worked with Central Park Hockey, Imperial College, Ice Hockey in Harlem and Hudson Valley Polar Bears. Sam is currently coaching with the New York City Skyliners organization. 


Athletes I work with come from:
- GNY Stars
- NJ Avalanche
- New Jersey Jr Devils
- NYC Skyliners
- Siena College
- NYC Cyclones
- Boston College (Club)
- Arrows
- StonyBrook
- NJ Rockets (NCDC)
- Chaminade High School
- Richmond Thunder
- Long Island Gulls
- St Francis Prep
- Xavier High School