The code.

In hockey there is a thing called the code. 
It isn't written down anywhere and no one ever teaches it to you. 

You aren't taught it by your coach. But, the game itself. 

You see those big fights on YouTube. They are a result of the code being crossed. 

The code is simple. You abide by it. 
If you don't you get a chop. A slash and usually a black eye. 

It's honest. 

One thing the code hates. A big no-no and the biggest crime of all is a hit from behind. 

If you see the opponents jersey numbers. Stop. 
In Canada at youth level they even have a stop sign on the jerseys. 


But, unlike business the code is respected. 

In the world of business the code isn't respected. 
Because, everyone must win. So, you must lose. 

They will do whatever it takes to win. They will play foul. They will dupe their customers. They will discriminate. 

There is no code. 
No one is keeping it honest. 

Time to start giving out chops in boardrooms.