Mark anderson
Marketing & Advertising Course Director

"Sam has demonstrated a high level of curiosity – always wanting to find new processes and ways of doing things," the marketing communications and advertising course director, based at Kingston Business School, said. "He has made the most of these opportunities by combining his passions to build a strong marketing portfolio which will serve him very well in the future."

Asad Shaykh

"Sam is one of those rare breeds of (young) ad men whose stature matches the strength of their ideas. Armed with a devilish tenacity and a keenness to do excellent work, Sam was a joy to work with. Even though I managed him during his internship at Founded, he continuously gathered great feedback from the entire agency. 

Who knows better how to fit into a team, force forward with good input and strive towards collective goals? An ice hockey player of course."

Tod Holmes

Assistant professor of digital Media, Suny New Paltz (Full recommendation)


Dept. of Digital Media & Journalism

                                                                               State University of New York at New Paltz

                                                                                  1 Hawk Drive

                                                                                                     New Paltz, NY 12561                       


January 12, 2016

To Whom It May Concern:

It is my pleasure to write this letter of recommendation for Sam Cheema. I have known Sam for the past five months year as he was a student in my Advertising Strategy class during the Fall 2015 semester. Through this interaction, Sam has clearly demonstrated that he is well-deserving of admittance into your Summer Associate program.


Sam was an ideal student. He participated as much as any student in class and he provided insightful contributions to class discussions on a range of advertising-related topics. As part of course requirements, Sam was a key member of a group that completed an advertising plan for the Blue Moon Brewing Company. For this project, students were first tasked with conducting marketing research prior to developing a full advertising plan. The marketing research section of the project included a situation analysis (company, competitor, and customer), a discussion of the firm’s marketing strategy (segmentation, targeting, and positioning), and the organization’s objectives moving forward. The ad plan portion of the project was comprised of a creative strategy, a media strategy, a media plan and schedule for 12 months, a social media marketing plan, an evaluation plan for measuring the success of the campaign, and the production of three original ads. Sam’s team developed an impressive advertising plan and his contributions to this project are a testament to his hard work and engagement with the course material. Further indicative of his scholastic ability, Sam maintains a 3.8 GPA for the coursework he has completed while attending the State University of New York (SUNY) at New Paltz.


Not only has Sam excelled in the classroom, but he has also successfully balanced his academic and professional pursuits. He has gained valuable hands-on experience working for M&C Saatchi, Founded, and Stature PR in London. While employed at these agencies, Sam assisted key accounts by devising communication strategies, performing account planning tasks, pitching clients’ work, and developing below- and above-the-line initiatives. In addition, Sam has shown entrepreneurial skills through the development of a business strategy for his own recruiting firm, which he named Geronimo, and in his ability to secure an impressive £60,000 from investors to help launch the enterprise. Sam has also been active member of Kingston Entrepreneurs. As head of marketing for the society, Sam developed a communications strategy that helped to propel the organization to the honorable position as the top-ranked society in Kingston and London. Not only have these positions helped Sam hone his already well-developed interpersonal skills, but they have aided him in developing solid organizational and problem-solving skills.


In conclusion, Mr. Cheema has been a very successful student at SUNY New Paltz. He possesses a terrific combination of professional, academic, and leadership experiences that have and will continue to aid him in working in an effective manner both independently and interdependently with his peers. Also, Sam’s strong interpersonal skills and his confidence will serve him well in his involvement with his supervisors, colleagues, and clients. Sam is an intelligent and motivated young man who possesses a strong drive to succeed. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at (352) 339-1515.



Todd A. Holmes


Todd A. Holmes, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Digital Media Management


Catriona Brown
Senior Account Executive at M&C Saatchi Sport & Entertainment - London

"Sam impressed us all with his problem-solving, diligence and enthusiasm and regularly demonstrated initiative. I'm sure he will be a great asset to any team"

Steven Walton ACCA
Finance and Commercial Manager at M&C Saatchi Merlin

"Sam assisted M&C Saatchi Merlin Ltd on a number of tasks during his work placement. He was found to be a very confident, structured and hard working individual who fit in with the team very well and his contributions were well received. He would make a fantastic addition to any prospective employer."

Caitlin Pinner
Account Executive at Ogilvy & Mather Group UK

"Sam and I crossed paths briefly at M&CSaatchi in March. In the few weeks we spent together we worked in unison on a number of different strategic and planning tasks. Sam has got a keen eye for planning and insight. At such an age his knowledge of data and brand insight is astounding and he works diligently and with enthusiasm on any task at hand. I have no doubt Sam will go on to do great things."

James Perea
Digital Analyst at Founded

"Sam confidently shared knowledge of digital and marketing trends and work, with a keen eye for how these could be translated or re-imagined. He played a key part in Founded's most recent social activation campaign for the MAA Awards, #Dodifferent, helping to shape the campaign idea and use of technology to create awareness and reach. Any team with Sam in can expect a healthy balance of confidence, high energy and diligent attention to detail."

Debrorah Anderson
Senior Lecturer Kingston University, London

"I have known Sam since September 2014 when he joined my class on Marketing Communications and Advertising Planning. As the year has progressed I have noted a growing maturity in Sam's approach. He has made insightful contributions to class discussions based on his keen interest in advertising and marketing communications. A notable highlight was the presentation of a film to his peers reporting on a visit made to managing director of Gyro, a creative integrated agency specialising in B to B marketing. As well as drawing attention to recent trends in marketing communications, the film included helpful advice on careers in advertising. Sam's enthusiasm and clear love of the industry were apparent and I have no doubt that he will pursue a successful career in marketing communications after he graduates."



"Sam Cheema is known for his great leadership quality. I haven’t met many people who could motivate and inspire others like Sam does. What distinguishes him from others, is his genuine interest in the field of his study - Marketing but as well his creative approach when solving various problems. Sam is one of the most professional and presentable individuals I have met. I am sure he will be a great investment for any company!"

Evan Wolff

Associate Marketing Manager at AICPA

"Sam is a distinctively creative thinker which prevails through his passion and determination for excellence. Through our work together, he stands out as a natural thought leader and persistent contributor to the task at hand. 

Working with Sam, you can expect the utmost professionalism in both word and deed"

Ema Savić

Vice President of the American Marketing Association

"Being around Sam in the academic environment really shed light onto his professional talents. Sam has shown his creative and innovative ability by devising a Marketing Strategy for our university AMA. He shows his fourth degree level of thinking which integrates his professional experience as a businessman into the educational environment. To work with Sam is to work with a leader with great tenacity and creativity, a must have for the Marketing world and all that it is evolving to be"


Michael Buckley

RIBA Part 1 Architectural AssistanT

"Sam is naturally gifted and passionate about advertising. Having grown up alongside him I have seen his passions and interests develop, and become real achievements. Sam works hard, doesn't shy away from responsibility and learns from every experience. I would recommend him for any role in which a hard working, spirited, team member is required."

Ryan Fernandes
Erasmus Business Student at WU Vienna University of Economics and Business

"During my time at University I have had the pleasure of working with Sam on numerous occasions. He is an extremely driven individual who pulls his weight when assigned tasks as well as taking on work that is not assigned to him. I have experienced working with Sam as a leader and under his leadership and both experiences have been equally as telling on his personality. He is someone who brings a lot to a team and is an individual more than capable of leading a successful team. Working alongside him has never been anything short of a pleasure."

Duncan Purves
(Director) Stature PR

"During the short time Sam spent with us at Stature PR he displayed a solid work ethic and professionalism that will put him in good stead for his career ahead."

Kate Lam
Stature PR

“Although Sam only interned with us for a week, he adapted to the team and his tasks very quickly. We found him to be proactive, attentive and a quick learner, all essential skills in PR.”