Go to where the puck is going

So, in Hockey you are always beaten by the puck. If you try to go where the puck is - you've lost. 

The puck doesn't stay still.

It never does.

But, the best players go to where the puck is going. Not where it has been or currently is. They assess the situation all over the ice. They assess the looks of the eyes, the position of the puck carriers stick and then scan the ice to see open outlets. 

The best don't skate to where it might be. They know where it's going. 

It's done through studying every single component to make a creative educated guess. 

Now and again it will bounce beyond them or might get shot out of play. They accept this. 

But, they never stop going to where they think it's going. 

Relate this to your life - it's pretty simple. We can scan our surroundings, our passions and deepest desires. What's your ultimate job? What kind of lifestyle do want to live? Where do you want to be in five years? 

We all conjure images in our head. 

But, we can't jump straight there. We take small steps. We make that crossover. We pivot back and forth. We stop and start as we read the play. 

So, never stop going to where the puck is going. 

Don't worry if it bounces wayward. 

Because, in Hockey we have this thing called puck luck.

And the bounces will only go your way if you are true to the course.