Glass n Out

In Hockey we have this saying: Glass n Out.

What this means is that if you have literally no other option you bank it off the glass and get it out. 

You don’t fan on it. You don’t put it up the middle.
You don’t look for the pass.
You grip your stick hard like a M*ther F*cker

You Glass n Out.


Usually this goes for an icing.
Which is good and bad.
They could get a change, fresh legs and pin you back in your own zone. 
You might get scored on. 


But, what it allows you is time.
Time to regather and regroup. 
To take a breather and take stock.
You aren’t running around frantically in your own zone. 


You now have options. 

This is like life.
When you are running around with pressure from work, family and society you can feel under the knife with no option. 


Glass n Out.