Gaining the red.

Dump n Chase requires you to 'gain the red'. 

This moves hauling your ass to the red line and putting the puck into their zone. Simple. 

You can’t just give up, and throw the puck down. Because, now you are back in your own zone gasping for air and not allowed to change.

A prisoner in your own zone.

But, if you gritted your teeth and applied the second effort you wouldn’t be sucking wind. Your team wouldn’t be at a disadvantage.

Yeah, you may have given away possession but the play is now the farthest away from your goal.

We give up far to easily. We don’t even reach for that second effort. We sometimes make this same mistake over and over again.

We don’t believe we can do it. We just admit defeat.

But, by admitting defeat (and icing the puck) we aren’t solving the problem. We are still penned in and unable to change.

So, grit your teeth. Skate that extra stride.
And gain the red.