Almaty 2017 - Days 5-8

Day 5
After the opening ceremony and a couple of days off from games we were back at the rink for practice. 

Practice was flowing well until a particular Invicta Dynamo was sniped whilst wheeling out. It wasn't his usual particular blue-line turnover blowout that many fans of NIHL are familiar with. It was a hard slap shoot from an undisclosed source. We do know however that it was from a borrowed stick. The stick was borrowed from Christian Johnson. Investigation continues. Dewey had this to say “Should of used my stick and not my skate”.

Equipment manager for the Canadians came through like a knight in shining armour. Trevor plucked out of nowhere a brand new pair of CCM steel. Kev the invoice is in the post.

The rest of the day was long AF. We watched a lot of hockey and leaving the rink after the Canada – USA game. Mawer admittedly thought the game was timid and had nothing on Widnes Wild v Deeside. “I sin bigger hits at butchers back ‘n Grimsbayyyyy like’.

Day 6
Another day off and another early wake up call. Foxy lost his shit a little. No crepes this morning either.

 Back on the ice and another victim to the skate blade (Puck Stop sales are increasing by the day). This time Tommy P blew his load. Unfortunately, he has the ‘dustiest’ skates in the team and there was no spare steel from our hero. (Actually Foxy has the dustiest skates. Tommy P you are safe bud). Big money being splashed in Aberdeen meant CJ was rocking two pair of top of the line Bauers. And, the Scot’s want their independence…  

 Game Day - Canada
So we played Canada. Every single player of their roster played top tier Major Jnrs. Yeah OHL or QMJHL. Couple draft picks. Half a dozen with East Coast experience and one guy played on a line with McDavid.

 Everything was bardizzle. Guys with absolute rockets. Dewey got in the lane perfectly for a shot for a one-timer only for it to snipe through the smallest of gaps and hit top bins.

 I think it’s safe to say everyone can admit that it was the highest standard of competition we have played and will ever play. There were murmurs that the Canadian team they took to these games was the same team that beat the Nottingham Panthers comfortably in August.

Game Day - USA
No rest for the boys. Back at it for the early game v the USA. After the first with the score at 3-1 the boys were up for it. Charny with the goal and worst celly of the tourney to boot.

2nd and 3rd periods we ran into penalty trouble and ended up killing. I personally took a couple and it takes it out of the boys. Some soft calls across the games but you can’t leave your stick in at all here.

3rd period I was assessed for a head injury and Doc pulled me out of the game. From that they are treating it as a concussion and my games are done. Kicker in the teeth but that’s the way she goes.

After the game the boys took in some pool action. A lot of the boys liked todays swim session #palmtree

The rest of the evening we took in the figure skating across the road. No Iron Lotus.  However, there were some sick moves on display that the boys are choreographing for their Celly’s.

‘Rest Day’

First rest day we’ve had in since we have been here and with no on ice practice or workouts scheduled we relished in the chance to get up into the mountains. The Medeu ice rink is currently the worlds highest ice rink at 1800m above sea level and made for the most picture’esq place so far. CJ had a sure fire 50 liker on his hands.

Heading on a cable car a little further up we got to the ski resort. Getting to the ski resort was a twenty-minute cable car to the top. Getting off the French flanked us on the left with a barrage of snowballs. Boys weren’t up for taking no shit. Longer pinging ice balls smoking one Frenchman square between the eyes.


The chalet at the top of the mountain offered the classier players a chance for some fine-dining. Treated to a succulent burger with bacon and fried egg. Accompanied by hand cut potatoes seasoned with a dashing of salt. We ate well. Our fine dining experience was polished off with desert and hot chocolate. We know how to live.

£10 was the final spend for our joys.

On the return trip badges were exchanged. Andreas was pointed out to be the creepiest guy in the team by a Czech/Canadian figure skater. 

The evening CJ and Captain Mogg took us to witness the Curling. We truly were witnessing the rowdiest curling game ever. Mogg and Christian are the biggest curling fans in England. “The game has it all” Mogg admits as he considers an off-season sport switch.
it had everything:


Wolf Whistles.
Ice maintenance.

The scenes were electric. The Swede’s took the game in the final stanza for an 8-7 finish which leaves the girls still top of the group but tied with Canada.

There were several other activities in the evening involving stroking of legs and exchanging of scarfs. More to come as this one unfolds.

The next couple of days see us practice and get ready to play Korea on Sunday. We’re going for 10th place finish which will mean some goals will be scored.