A - AAA in 12 months

So yo want to get better. You want to play on a better team and develop.

Well, here’s how you do it.

Hard work.

Now you can go to the rink twice a rink work hard for an hour and think that’s the hard work we talk about.

Well you’ll be mistaken.

If you really want to develop you are committed and consistent.

A week of intense training can be a great catalyst but it isn’t necessarily sustainable. You have to commit to every facet of training: Nutrition, movement, training, mindset and recovery.

So, here’s how you develop with the same amount of ice time and without any private coaching. You commit and you are consistent.

Every day doesn’t mean every day skating. It means what are you going to do on each day to better yourself.

Wake up 15mins earlier to stretch and move.
Hydrate properly.
Foam roll after each session.
Study clips.
Work on your weak side.
Be intentional with everything.

Each athlete that I work with who want to fulfil their potential have a common behaviour.

They listen, the interpret and they apply.