You don't have to have the 'C' to lead.

Last season I took over at Bantam Minor team mid-season.

The team was completely new to me and I didn’t know any other the players.

A large majority of the team were also new to the sport and had only played house league the year prior.

There was one individual who embodied the role of a leader. He set the tone and was mature beyond his years.

He was a natural.

However, there were a few other players who had some traits of a leader but needed to be reminded to lead and set the example in some way. They needed something to keep them doing those good things - so I handed them a letter.

Now a few months past and down the line I am talking to the player who didn’t get a letter but was in essence the captain. I explained to him that you don’t need a letter to be a leader, you already are one. You don’t need recognition for something you do, day in day out.

He explained how notably he was annoyed when he didn’t get a letter but now he’s learnt a teaching point. He doesn’t need a title to step up to the plate. He doesn’t need to be a manager or VP in a business to set the tone. He doesn’t. He can take the initiative at all times because he knows he doesn’t need a position to raise the bar.

He can just bring it every single time.