D - D

Supporting your defensive partner is important for on ice success. You should always be close to your partner to give them an outlet when they are regrouping.

The D - D pass is therefore crucial.

It takes pressure off.

It changes the direction of the play.

It opens up space.

It can slow things down or speed them up.

It’s a skill that’s reliant on individual skill sets, communication and teamwork.

Now to master this skill you have to develop a high level of trust and understanding with your team. You have to rely on them to be in their position to make the pass. To be able to handle the puck and move up the ice.

But, by going D - D you see the entirety of the ice. You are able to make a smart play. Maintain possession and enter the zone with a quality chance of scoring.

Just like business, life, school and relationships. When you need an outlet you have to be able to count on your team mates to share the load. To be in the play and assess the options by seeing the entirety of the situation.

Take a step back.

Head up.

Open up.

Share and move forward.