Puck Protection

If you have the puck, they don’t have it.
If they don’t have it, they can’t score.

It’s a simple trait that hockey players struggle to master. They are likely to make an irrational play to give up the puck.

To protect the puck you have understand body positioning. How to keep the puck out of the reach of the opponent by adjusting your body. You must be between the opponent and the puck. You can’t just stick handle. You have to get a little gritty.

You will get hit.

But, you will ride the hit. You will maintain possession. You adjust to hold on. You don’t let go.

Like life it’s about protecting you art or craft. People will come at you and try to take you down.

So you adjust and ride it out.

Because, if they don’t have the puck they can’t score.