In hockey when a player (usually a defenseman) gambles and skates lower into the zone in the hope to add to the offence.

However, the probelem with doing this is that if the puck is chipped by you, you are beat and it’s 2-1 or a 1-0 breakaway going the other way.

But, the upside is that if you pinch you can generate the offence out of nothing.

You gamble.

When you are up and leading the game your coach will say: “ No pinching!”

Why? Because, we are conserving. Holding on.

However, when you are down you start pinching more. Ignoring your defensive responsibility and going all in.

You have nothing to lose. You’re already down.

But, this is the tricky part - knowing the times to pinch. The first or even early second period aren’t always the best times. There is a lot of hockey left to be played.

So, like life you have to pick you times to go all in. Times to bet on yourself and go in. Times to not care for the setback but calculate the upside. There are times you are up or need to conserve to protect your goaltender or family.

But, then there are times when you are down.

So pinch a little.