Is a Degree enough?

Does anyone care that you got a Degree? 

Does your mum and dad really care?

Do employers care? 

Do you care? 

So, this stems from a much bigger conversation that I've been having with people and importantly myself. I've overridden and forgone some of my university commitments (classes) for other things (personal development). 

As I write this I will be missing a week's worth of lectures to attend Advertising Week Europe. It is here where my thirst for the industry lies. The new stuff. The stuff that's in the press. And, the stuff that's going to matter to me in a months time upon graduation. 

I've take it upon myself to take the consequences and added work with these experiences. 

There's no tangible immediate benefit. I have literally no idea if these things will make a difference. But, right now they are screamingly important to me.

So, is a degree enough? 

In my very quick and blunt view: No. 

I live a different lifestyle from a lot of university students. One that allows me to have a lifestyle I have. I'm 22, live at home whilst studying and earn a good enough wage for a student who doesn't pay rent. 

I am fucking fortunate and boy do I know it. 

But, here's the catch. I don't see this as a time to sit back and let it all take care of itself. I use this as a platform to propel me and allow me to do things that I can do. 

I have positioned myself to be able navigate across industries without even knowing it. 

My curiosity stems for deeper than any classroom can teach me and ever will teach me. 

My curiosity has taken me to some dark holes and then into beaming rays of light. 

And, because inherently I've known that a degree was never enough. I knew I wasn't the 'master of one' but 'master of none'. 

A degree will unlock analytical thinking and provide a solid base for many fields. Heck, a degree certainly is enough in engineering and the like. 

But, in communications. No. 

So I call my fellow students and those graduating soon. Milk the time, don't swindle it. Take your curiosity and bend the barriers. 

Don't come back and complain when a degree isn't enough.