When You Get Cut

When you get cut.

It sucks.

Your mind fills with negativity. Self-doubt and your esteem take a knock. You question your self-worth. You don’t think things could get better.

But, here’s the catch.

It’s a blessing in disguise.

You aren’t right for that team, company or organization.

Maybe just at this time or maybe forever.

I’ve been cut from roughly 4/5 teams. England national teams, regional select teams and haven’t gotten jobs after interviewing.

Recently, I didn’t get a job at Google. Into the final stages of the long process only to be told that they went with another candidate.

Kick in the teeth.

But, this is the time you reset your mindset. Or where I reset mine. Seek feedback, understand and develop. Maybe one day our paths will cross. But, for the time being they won’t be.

As many graduates will be looking to get jobs and start their careers in the next few months it is important to understand the journey. Don’t let it stop your momentum.

Keep improving.

Don’t deviate.

Hockey is a great game because the next night you can change your fortunes. You always can prove yourself.

You have that next interview, next company, next exam, next game, next tryout or the next blog.

The next one will be better.

Even or up.