Why I decided to share my thoughts.

So, many people get into social sharing, personal brand building and blogging with one end goal - Monetization. 

I am going to be brutally honest and say I am not in this to make money or to build my personal brand. I've come against so much friction with people all the time about my own beliefs and values. Instead of going through countless hours of friction with people of differing beliefs I thought I would just lay it all out there. This isn't me being narrow minded and thinking I know it all - It's just taking the problem, idea or solution from traditional means and re-imagining it in a different way. A lateral way. 

What I think is a trend? What I think on how to get an internship? What I think on how to network? 

Now, by all means I am not here preaching from any pedestal or telling you the blueprint. All I am hoping to do is add a different argument - one that comes from an honest point of view which I hold. 

The best thing about the globalized world we live in is that we can all add something. 

My idea that to think laterally is to gather all different points of view, situations and problems to build upon the existing. To not re-invent the wheel; but to make it economically more fuel efficient by adding an extra tread with recyclable materials.