Monday 14th October @ LIC ICE | 8am - 9:30am (Mites - Squirts) 9:45am - 11:15am ( Peewees - Bantams)
8 spots available / 90mins |

Focusing solely on the technique and form of each shot type. Emphasising the importance of form and technique before moving onto repetitions. Each athlete will be exposed to creating new habits when shooting and implementing these into game like situations. We will spend 45min on stick handling - again focusing on technique and replicating this into a game like scenarios.

Spring Training 2020 COMING SOON Bantam & Midgets - April 3 - June 13

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A holistic approach to spring training for athletes focused in the tri-state area. This 12 week block of training will look to enhance your skill development by working in small groups on and off the ice. We will test each athlete in athletic performance as well as skill - creating a program that each athlete can utilise at home during the training block.

Location - LIC ICE
Group 1 Wednesday 7-8pm
Group 2 Wednesday 8-9pm
Group 3 (MIDGET U16-U18) Thursday 8-9pm

Off-Ice Thursdays 6:30-7:30pm

3 day skills camp (MITES & SQUIRTS) - LIC ICE

July 1st, 2nd & 3rd at LIC ICE - Long Island City. A camp designed only for MITES & SQUIRTS where we will teach technique and attention to three facets of hockey: Skating, Stick stick skills and hockey sense. Each day we will incorporate a fun atmosphere for each child and with only 9 athletes allowed per group it will all for greater of attention to details. 2 hours on ice per day and one hour off-ice. First come first serve.

Daily Itinerary:
8:30am Arrival
9am Hockey Fit Workout
10-12pm On-ice Development Clinic
12:30pm Day Ends

4th July skills camp - 2020 COMING SOON

July 1st, 2nd & 3rd skill development for athletes looking to improve their individual skillset. Each day will follow a set theme: Skating, stick skills and Hockey IQ. Prior to each session we will also be educating each athlete with Hockey Fit sessions where they can learn about mobility whilst being put through a hockey workout. Our goal is to push each athlete outside of their comfort zone and to teach transferable game like habits.

Daily Itinerary:
5pm Mobility workout
6pm On ice clinic
8pm Recovery and foam roll session

β€˜THE’ TRAINING CAMP - AUGUST 24th - 27th 2020

Train like an athlete!
Working both on & off-ice we are the only holistic approach to pre-season training that will get you ready for puck drop. We are looking to tax your energy systems whilst developing recovery mechanisms to allow us to perform at the highest level each session. Each session will follow a skill theme with an eye to in-game application.

This camp is only open to 12 athletes. Group 1 is open to Bantam players & Group 2 is available for Midgets+.

Daily Itinerary:
10:45 Athletes Arrive
11am - 12:15pm Mobility & Priming Workout
12:15pm Group 1 Change for on-ice
12:15/30pm - 1:30pm Group 2 Athletic Development Workout
12:45pm Group 1 on-ice
2pm Group 2 on-ice
2pm Group 1 Athletic Development Workout
3pm Cool Down, Mobility, Stretch, Yoga & Foam Roll
3:45pm Day ENDS